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Tuition Payment Policy 

The Otter Creek School Board has adopted a tuition payment policy to help our school meet its financial obligations. 
Registration fees are as follows and are required prior to the first day of school:

                   Per student (1-8)                     $275.00 
If you are unable to make this payment by the first day of school, we urge you to contact our school board treasurer now to make arrangements. 
Tuition fees are as follows and are due the 1st of each month to: Otter Creek Christian Academy and place payment in School Treasurer box at church.  

Please do not send tuition through church funds.  Tuition is not tax deductible. 

  Tuition SDA Tuition
Grades 1-8 (1st Child) $285.00 $260.00

Grades 1-8 (2nd Child - 10% Disc.)

$256.50             $234.00
Grades 1-8 (3rd+ Child - 20% Disc.) $228.00 $208.00


10% tuition reduction (one month free) is given if the full year's balance is paid in full by October 1st.  (August & September payments need to be paid when due.) 
Tuition billing is August through May of each year. 
(Again, we urge you to contact us if you are unable to make your monthly payment on time.  Accounts that are 60 days past due may be asked to withdraw from school.) 
Your school board members all understand the financial burden of attending a private school, and they are also aware of the many blessings received.  

Please do not hesitate to contact any one of them with your financial concerns. 

If Financial Assistance is needed please print and fill

out the sheet below

Thank you! 

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